World Pilgrimage A 4-year journey spanning 6 continents, asking everyday people some of life's toughest questions

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The Zen Nomad: World Pilgrimage

An enquiry into the wisdom of humanity

• October 2020 • 4 years • 6 continents •

by Daniel Beaumont

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Project Summary

Idea: A 4-year journey spanning 6 continents, travelling unconventionally, while sharing the stories, life lessons and wisdom of everyday people met along the way.

Route: Europe > Middle East > Africa > Asia > Australasia > South America > Central America > North America

Seeking: Sponsorship, videographers, photographers, marketing & social media assistants, PA.

Deliverables: Documentary & Book

About Project


We live in a society that often looks up to a minority (e.g. gurus, famous people, authors, coaches, experts) for the answers to life. I contend that notion, because I believe wisdom is all around us, and that despite culture and background, everybody has a story tell and lessons to pass on about life.

Carrying the belief that we can learn something from everybody we meet, the idea of the World Pilgrimage is to travel across 6 continents with the goal of uncovering and sharing the universal stories and wisdom that unite humanity.

The aim is to travel unconventionally through walking, cycling & hitchhiking. The journey will be documented as we go in the form of a video series which will showcase life on the road, alongside the best stories and lessons learned from the people we encounter along the way. At the end of the journey, the best footage and stories will be used to create a 2-hour documentary and book, both set to be released 1 year after the journey concludes.


The journey will commence in October 2020, and is set to take up to 4 years to complete, taking base every 5 months for a 4 week break to rest, write and produce content. The route is planned as follows, but is subject to change:

Europe > Middle East > Africa > Asia > Australasia > South America > Central America > North America


From start to finish, the World Pilgrimage is estimated to take 8 years to complete. That’s 3 years of planning and organisation, 4-year journey and content production, and 1-year post- production of the documentary and book. The journey will also be documented as we go using various formats, making the post-production period much more smooth.

2012 – 2017: The idea of the World Pilgrimage was formed out of smaller expeditions carried out (Hitchhiking 30,000km’s across North America & Europe), 50 interviews already conducted, production and interview skills improved.

2017 – 2020: Planning/logistics, pilot testing of concept, storyboard, formation of team, securing sponsorship, organising equipment, marketing journey, physical and mental preparation, improving production skills, finalise itinerary.

2020 – 2024: World Pilgrimage commences – real time documentation of the journey in video and written format as we move around the world.

2024 – 2025: Post production and editing of footage and content, followed by final release of a documentary and book showcasing the entire journey.


This is not a journey that can be accomplished on my own. I need the help of a range of passionate individuals with different skillsets. The various roles needed for the journey are as follows:

Production: On the ground videographers, photographers & editors to help capture and edit footage on the move.

Project Management/Logistics: To help remotely with the organisation and logistic challenges that will arise.

Social Media/Marketing: To manage social media channels and market the World Pilgrimage.

Post Production: A team of editors to help create the final 2 hour documentary, as well as an editor to help complete the book.

If any of these positions excites you and you want to be part of the journey, I would love to hear from you, and you can get in touch here.

Risks & Challenges

This will be the most demanding journey of my life, and I appreciate the magnitude, risks & challenges associated with a 4-year journey traversing 6 continents.

The journey bears a lot of similarities with much of the travel I have done over the past 5 years – long unconventional travel expeditions – and I am confident that this past experience coupled with 3 years of proactive planning to create necessary plans and assessments to anticipate and mitigate risks will leave our team in a good position to tackle this journey in the best possible way.


The desired outcome of the journey is as follows:

  • To document the journey as we go in the form of video series, live interviews, & written articles, as well as collaborative projects on route.
  • A 2-hour documentary & book – showcasing the story of life on the road, alongside the best stories and lessons learned from all people met along the way.

Thanks for reading. If this project excites you and you want to be involved, get in touch here.