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Brief Background

Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever post on The Zen Nomad.

My name is Daniel, I’m 25 years of age, and I grew up in the Lake District in the north of England where you’ll find stunning lakes, rolling green hills, and more sheep than people.

My three biggest passions are writing, travel and self-development, but other big things in my life are running, football, hiking, classical music, and philosophy.

I’ve lived a fairly simple life until now. I was brought up on a council estate by a single parent mother who didn’t earn much money and struggled to make ends meet.

I spent my teenage years working hard at school to get the grades to go to university. Then, when I got to university, I sacrificed a lot, working  2 part-time jobs to fund my studies. I graduated in July 2012, and since then i’ve adventured 35 countries across 4 continents.

My Journey & Values

From a young age I was deeply inspired by my Grandma. She studied Philosophy and Latin at the University of Oxford, and built a very successful career as a teacher. She was fascinated by astronomy, spoke 7 languages, played the piano eloquently, and loved travelling the world.

I have fond memories of visiting her every weekend and sitting on her knee while she tried to teach me piano, and spending hours on a clear night observing the midnight stars through her telescope.

My grandma taught me the importance of learning, education, growth, and to do something meaningful with my life. Throughout my teenage years, I sacrificed a lot, working incredibly hard at school to get the grades to go to university and follow in her footsteps.

I had my life set out, and I was so sure of myself. I’d finish university and become an investment banker. I saw myself rich, famous, powerful and in control – this was my version of success.

At university I studied Business. I  didn’t really enjoy the course, but I knew it would give me the passport to become an investment banker. As a result, I was incredibly focused and worked extremely hard to finish as the top student in my business school by the end of the course.


After graduating, I was set to move to London to take on a well-paid job, but something didn’t feel right.

Deep down, my heart wasn’t set on becoming an investment banker.

I’d plucked my version of success from society and it wasn’t congruent with my true inner beliefs.

I knew that by taking this path I would be playing a game based on competition; perpetually striving for happiness, contentment and meaning in my life.

Hitting the Road

In an irrational, but in hindsight life-changing moment, I decided to ditch the move to London.

Instead, and with very little money to my name, I lent off a friend and booked a one-way flight to Australia in search of a more empowering meaning to my life.

In all honesty I didn’t know what I was searching for, but it somehow felt right and the prospect of uncertainty and an adventure into the unknown heavily outweighed routine and structure.

I haven’t looked back since and despite all my fears and doubts, I’ve somehow worked it out, travelling 35 countries across 4 continents, working temporary agriculture and hospitality jobs along the way.


Whether it was working as a grain labourer in the intense heat of the Australian outback, motorbiking 3,000km across Vietnam on a sketchy $200 bike, trekking to heights of 5,400m in the Himalayas with minimal equipment, or hitchhiking 20,000km across North America to get to a wedding, it’s been a transformational and life-changing journey.

Enter The Zen Nomad

I believe that travel and personal development go hand in hand and that the road is a huge catalyst for one’s personal and spiritual growth. This is the principal philosophy that The Zen Nomad is built on.

When I started travelling 3 years ago, I decided to embark on my own personal journey through the people and experiences I had on the road. Along the way, I met 1000s of people from many different cultures and backgrounds who challenged my beliefs, values and encouraged me to grow


Travel amplifies the emotions and feelings we experience, and throughout my journey I felt it all: happiness, sadness, excitement, loneliness, inspiration, depression, joyfulness, anxiety and love.

In all the ups and downs, I’ve improved my confidence, interpersonal skills, and although i still haven’t worked out my purpose in its entirety, i’ve definitely found more meaning in my life.

Now I want to show you how can do the same…

For the last 3 years, I’ve documented my personal growth journey in countless journals and video diaries.

I want to use The Zen Nomad as a platform to share my experiences and stories to inspire and empower you to embark on your own personal growth journey, in an attempt to conquer your own fears and dreams.

Each week, I’ll post 3 short and digestible word articles, which will share stories, lessons, wisdom and anecdotes from the travel journey on topics such as:

  • Overcoming fear, anxiety and depression.
  • Harnessing the power of the mind.
  • Finding your happy, passions & purpose.
  • Minimalism and resourceful travel.
  • Productivity, and building good habits.
  • Success and motivation.


One of the biggest lessons travel has taught me is that our borders do not define who we are. That’s a reflection of a world on a very superficial level, but on a deeper level, we are all connected.

Despite skin colour, cultural and religious beliefs, we’re no different from one another. Fundamentally, we’re all chasing the same feelings and emotions. The only difference is that we’re describing those feelings and emotions in different ways.

Through The Zen Nomad, I want to inspire and empower you to embark on your own personal travel journey in the hope that slowly but surely we can break down preconceived barriers, prejudices and notions held between different cultures.

Your reality and the world you experience is a result of your thoughts, and whatever you choose to place your conscious intention and attention on.

The world is full of opportunity, abundance and there’s great experiences out there waiting for you.

Get out there and make your life count,

Daniel Beaumont, 1st January 2016

About the Author

Hello everyone, I’m Daniel – a 27 year old writer from the north of England, currently living in Bucharest, Romania, where I’m currently writing my first book.

I am passionate by the human experience, especially the connection between travel, life and personal development.

Since 2012 I’ve been on transformational journey, travelling 40 countries across 4 continents.

During my journey, I discovered that travel is a great catalyst for one’s personal growth, and now I want to share want i’ve learned and empower others to embark on their own personal travel journey.

Feel free to read more about my story or get in touch with me here if you have question.

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  1. Loved reading this. I’m a friend of Nana’s and love the journey that you are on – it is very inspiring to see someone so young (relatively speaking) so clear and determined and adventurous and I wish you the best in everything in sweet 16 and always. Happy New Year

    • Hi Anne, great to hear from you. Your kind words really mean a lot. I’m embarking on a fresh new journey and it feels good. I’ve just had a brief look at your website and really like what you are doing. I’ll have a deeper look soon and be in touch. Wishing you a happy new year and all the best for 2016. 🙂

  2. Dan, thanks for sharing so much of your life, philosophy, and experience in a well-written article. I subscribed, and I look forward to all that will be forthcoming!

  3. Congratulations Daniel! I look forward to all of the wisdom and insights that you will share here. You are an in-SPIRIT-ation my friend. Keep Shining! <3

    • Thanks for the kind words Nana. I can’t wait to return to Asheville for another meditation retreat. Wishing you all the best for 2016. Much love!

  4. Cheers Daniel; keep your momentum going in the direction that feels good and right. I believe you already do inspire countless people and I look forward to seeing where that energy takes yourself and others. Excited to see the continual growth in your projects and your character. All the Love

    • Jesse my friend, your words mean a lot; especially coming from a guy that i respect and honour so much. As you would always say, what you see in me is simply a reflection of you. Keep shining and being an inspiration my friend. Always with you.

  5. Daniel, it is a wonderfuul thing and I am ready to read your articles. We have not yet really known each other, looking forward to see you in Leipzig soon.

    • Thanks for the kind words Bagdagul. You’re welcome here in Leipzig. I look forward to seeing you soon and i hope you enjoy the articles to come.

  6. Wow!! Firstly, a little giggle at Sam Cooper and his friendly piss take! ? So Daniel, I’d say that is by far the most wonderful introduction to a New year, I’ve had! As a massive fan of every thing you boys are doing, and being a friend of Sam’s? I would love to wish you all the luck and peace on your way. I’ll be following you, and simply adore your honesty regarding the emotion’s felt when travelling!? Keep spreading love & wisdoms’ you are invested in. I am so happy to see, there are people so important to the universe still active and awake ?? Kayte?9

    • Hi Kayte, thanks for the kind words, it means a lot. Sam and I love a good joke. I hope you and Craig had a great new year and i wish you all the best of luck in the future 🙂 We’ll hopefully see you soon and i hope you enjoy the blog. Keep smiling, and all the best, Dan

    • Thanks Justin! Hope you had a good new year’s. Wishing you all the best for 2016. Let’s catch up soon!

  7. Looking forward to this!!

    Happy New Years man!!! #liveyourdreamsanddon’tlivelifedreamingthem

    • Thanks Kevin, your words mean a lot!

      It will be good to meet you one day. You’re always welcome here in Leipzig.

      All the best, Dan

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