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Hi, I’m Daniel.

Hi, I’m Daniel, an entrepreneur and writer from the north of England.

Bringing together my passion for writing, travel & self-development, I created The Zen Nomad to inspire and spread the belief that you can transform your life through travel.

I’m currently living in Bucharest, where i’m writing my first book about my story, experiences and lessons learned from the last 5 years travelling the world.

I’m also the founder of Podstel – a vision to create a network of co-living communities across the world dedicated to creating memorable experiences, and giving people the space and means to be creative, learn and bring their passion projects to life. Feel free to come and stay with us at our first location in Bucharest.

 I also love being active and spending time outdoors in nature – especially if it involves running, cycling, walking or hiking.

If you want to connect and share ideas, feel free to get in touch using this contact form or through email.

Namaste, and Happy Travels!